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Příspěvekod Shaidarol » sob 07. lis 2015 20:51:50 » Re: English conversation topic
Why did you tell us about it in the first place then?
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Příspěvekod BBVenom » čtv 12. lis 2015 12:41:54 » Re: English conversation topic
Well, to put it simply, I was curious about psychological behavior based on a certain situation.
The situation was me giving out useless information and the result was you asking for explenation.
As you can see, both are co-workers, you can't have one without the other (you wouldn't ask if I did not misguide you and I wouldn't have my results if I didn't let out certain information)
Do not seek deeper meaning, this had nothing to do with actual meaning of the sentence, though it is for the best if I don't reveal its meaning :)
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